The Coastal History Network announces a new IHR Partnership Seminar: Coastal Connections

The Coastal History Network are pleased to announce that they have been successful in their application for one of the Institute of Historical Research’s series of new online Partnership Seminars.

‘Coastal Connections’ will build upon the gathering momentum behind the Coastal History Network which was established earlier this year. Since its launch in April 2020 the Network has attracted over 140 international scholars[1] and practitioners. A Zotero library was compiled by members, which now totals nearly 400 works on the theme of coastal history or coastal studies. Moreover, ‘Fractured Coasts’, the Coastal History Network’s first roundtable discussion in July 2020, demonstrated the versatility of the theme of ‘the coast’ as a unifying methodology or concept.

The call for the IHR’s online Partnership Seminars was recognized as an important opportunity for the Network to showcase the breadth of active research and its truly international and interdisciplinary membership. In the application it was asserted that:

We see the topic as having the potential to be an open-ended series, ranging globally to explore topical research, practices and perspectives in coastal studies. By focusing on the theme of coastal connections, the goal of the series is to move beyond coastal history into a dialogue that covers a wide geographic, thematic and narrative range, including a variety of round tables and panel discussions.

A first year programme was proposed which will comprise themes including ‘Public Coasts’, ‘Coastal Brexit’, ‘Rural Coasts’, ‘Coastal Dystopias’, ‘Vanishing Coasts’ and ‘Digital Coasts’.

More details will follow on the official launch of the ‘Coastal Connections’ seminar series soon!

Convenors for the seminar series are:

Port Towns and Urban Cultures have been involved with the establishment of the Coastal History Network and three members of the PTUC team are on the steering committee (Drs Melanie Bassett, Rob James and Cathryn Pearce).

If you would like to join the Coastal History Network, please email David Worthington at the University of the Highlands and Islands via

Follow the Coastal History Network’s news by searching the hashtags #coastalhistory and #coastalstudies

[1]  Including ‘established’, early career, and postgraduate students.

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