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Blog 37: Sea Blindness, or Ocean Optimism? (Part 2 of 3): A Tale of Four Tweets In my last post, I discussed why sea blindness is not the most useful way to characterize twenty-first century sensibilities.  Let’s face it, it just doesn’t make much sense at a time when beachgoers have to be warned, “Don’t […]

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Port towns

New: Port Towns & Urban Cultures Edited Book

Port Towns & Urban Cultures: International Histories of the Waterfront, c.1700 – 2000, Eds. Brad Beaven, Karl Bell and Robert James, (Palgrave Macmillan: Basingstoke, 2016) Despite the port’s prominence in maritime history, its cultural significance has long been neglected in favour of its role within economic and imperial networks. Defined by their intersection of maritime […]

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The Coastal History Blog

Blog 36: Sea Blindness, or Ocean Optimism?  (Part 1 of 3) The average Briton is unaware that 95% of the goods they buy arrived on a ship.  When asked to name a “well-known British maritime personality,” most respondents said, “Captain Jack Sparrow.”  These results are set forth by the Maritime Foundation as evidence of sea […]

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Cornwell image

‘Young Bill’: A Forgotten Hero of Jutland

The exploits of Jack Cornwell at the battle of Jutland in 1916 offer a well-known story of gallantry in the face of adversity during the First World War. From humble origins, Cornwell joined the navy as a teenager and was stationed aboard HMS Chester at the Battle of Jutland.[1] Within the first hour of hostilities […]

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Port City Lives

CFP: Port City Lives – Annual Conference for Port and Maritime History, 9-10 September 2016

2016 Call for Papers – “Criminality, Morality, Punishment” Port cities and towns are the proverbial ‘liminal’ space, betwixt and between land and sea, the domestic and the alien, the familiar and the foreign. Traditionally, such ‘between’ spaces have often been seen as providing the opportunity for mischief, misrule, and the plain illicit and illegal. Ports have […]

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Port Towns & Urban Cultures Events Calendar

April 2016 14th – 15th April – International Postgraduate Port and Maritime History Conference, University of Strathclyde. The study of port cities and their relationship to maritime endeavour and enterprise is a diverse and interdisciplinary practice, which draws on research methods from sociology, anthropology and archaeology, and brings together aspects of social, economic and cultural […]

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