Recording now online: ‘Coast as Muse’ IHR Partnership Seminar Series ‘Coastal Connections’

On 3 February 2022 Coastal Connections, as part of the IHR’s Partnership Seminar Series, hosted ‘Coast as Muse’. The seminar asked:

What makes ‘the coast’ the subject of so many creative and literary works? “Coast as Muse” will explore the cultural significance of the coast as a provocation for art, literary work and critique. The speakers represent practices of writing, drawing, collecting and representing the many ways in which the coast has shaped our cultural consciousness.

The seminar was hosted by Port Towns and Urban Cultures’ Dr Melanie Bassett, who is a co-convenor of the Coastal Connections’ Seminar Series. She was joined by Dr Tom Sykes and Dr Louis Netter (University of Portsmouth), authors of a new travelogue ‘Coast of Teeth’ a contemporary illustrated investigation of twelve English seaside towns; Anna Iltnere, Librarian of the ‘Sea Library’, Jurmala Latvia; and Dr Maggie Bowers (University of Portsmouth), one of the creators of the Portsmouth Literary Map.

Find out more about the Coastal Connections seminar series on the Institute of Historical Research website

You can watch the seminar in full below:


One Response to Recording now online: ‘Coast as Muse’ IHR Partnership Seminar Series ‘Coastal Connections’

  1. Paul Sayles February 23, 2022 at 10:27 am #

    An excellent discussion. I use the coast here to recharge my emotional batteries. I have only been to Portsmouth for a few hours several years ago. It was a museum crawl that was incomplete. Watching the presentation makes me understand the city and that I need to spend more time there, once Covid lets me.

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