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The Centre for Port Cities and Maritime Cultures website is LIVE!

The new Centre for Port Cities and Maritime Cultures at the University of Portsmouth focuses on the past, present and future importance of urban-maritime cultures and communities across the globe. The interdisciplinary Centre’s four themes are: Construction and experience of urban-maritime cultures Representations of urban-maritime spaces and cultures Coastal communities and maritime heritage Conservation of […]

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The Norman Port by  Eugene Isabey.  Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales;

Call for papers for a selected anthology to be entitled ‘Corrupted Coasts’

Proposals for papers are welcomed to be part of a selected anthology regarding the historic moral, religious, medical, legal, political, physiological or environmental ‘corruption’ of coastal culture in the 18th and 19th century. Entries are to make contributions to a ‘New Coastal Historiography’ and develop discussions relating to a moral geography concept. The ‘corruption’ of […]

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Coastal Connections

Recording now online: ‘Coast as Muse’ IHR Partnership Seminar Series ‘Coastal Connections’

On 3 February 2022 Coastal Connections, as part of the IHR’s Partnership Seminar Series, hosted ‘Coast as Muse’. The seminar asked: What makes ‘the coast’ the subject of so many creative and literary works? “Coast as Muse” will explore the cultural significance of the coast as a provocation for art, literary work and critique. The speakers represent […]

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A War in the Air and on the Coast: Civilian ‘Night Patrols’ and the Defence of Hull during the First World War

When we think of wartime bombing raids and attacks on civilians, we often conjure up images of ruined public buildings and homes during the Blitz of the Second World War. After all, this has become ‘one of the country’s most cherished and resilient national narratives’.[1] With public memories of the Blitz blending into broader evocations […]

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