Being Human Festival

UntitledThe University of Portsmouth will be hosting ‘Port City: Narrative of Migration’ as part of the 2015 Being Human Festival.

Following a successful funding application, the University will host a series of free and open events, running from the 12th to the 22nd November, which will explore the themes of migration and transient culture in port towns, focusing on Portsmouth. The events invite the public to get to know and engage with some of the research carried out in the Faculties of Cultural and Creative Industries and Humanities and Social Sciences.

Portsmouth’s history tends to be associated with the history of Navy, with a mistaken perception that the city is thus mono-cultural. Through its lectures, walk, workshop, exhibition and readings, ‘Port City: Narratives of Migration’ aims to dispel this notion and encourage people to think a little differently about the city’s history.


Port Towns and Urban Cultures will be hosting one of these events in the form of an interactive ‘Sailortown Walk’ utilizing the research conducted by Port Towns project members. Sailortowns, described as a ‘world of sordid pleasure, unlimited vice and lashing of booze’ were dangerous places for the unwary. Yet, such districts in port also fostered a unique sense of common community and culture.

Launching the ‘Sailortown App,’ and showcasing the electronic mapping project developed by the research group, the guided, interactive walk through Portsmouth’s historic sailortown, will explore a melting pot of urban and maritime traditions and continual cultural exchange across the 18th and 20th centuries.

Admission to the event is free and booking details can be found here

The Android app version can be downloaded here Apple and Windows versions coming soon!

For details of other Being Human events happening in Portsmouth click here


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