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The Coastal History Blog 21: “The ‘Cosmopolitan Port Town’—Is There Any Other Kind?”

Michael Pearson, in his book The Indian Ocean, emphasizes that littoral societies have markedly different attitudes from their more parochial neighbors inland.  He quotes Ross Dunn on the “cosmopolitan frame of mind” of Muslims in East Africa, southern India, and Malaysia and adds: “This was reinforced by the coastal location and the fact that most […]

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The Coastal History Blog 13: “Gérard Le Bouedec’s sociétés littorales”

This weekend, I broke out the French dictionary and made my way—slowly—through an impressive article that belongs alongside Michael Pearson’s “Littoral Society: The Concept and the Problems,” and Danny Vickers’ book Young Men and the Sea. [1] At the Port Towns and Urban Cultures conference this past July, Oliver Le Gouic wrote down a name […]

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