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Claes Grill

Swedes, Merchants, Freemasons and East India Company Agents in 18th Century East London

As recent investigations into London’s ‘Sailortown’ have shown we now have to re-consider previous accounts of London east of the Tower and take into account the cosmopolitan mix of its communities. Perhaps we would do better to describe this part of London as being a vibrant cosmopolitan place with a not inconsiderable intellectual life. Many […]

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london sailortown

London’s Sailortown, 1600-1800

Guest writers Derek Morris and Ken Cozens tell us about how their in-depth studies of East London have led to over ten years of research and four ground-breaking books. Dr Richard Blakemore in 2014 observed that “The riverside parishes of eastern London and the lower Thames were home to the largest maritime community in Britain from […]

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