The First World War Researchathon: Some Reflections on Public Engagement

1466022_1426996634232866_7427921685714252707_nPort Towns and Urban Culture’s Dr Brad Beaven’s new blog post for the Gateways to the First World War project is now live. In the post, Brad reflects on Portsmouth  City Museum’s First World War Researchathon held on 24 January 2015.

“The clock was ticking. The tension in the room was palpable. Could we finish our research before the 4:30 deadline? Then with seconds left, Carolyn, my co-researcher, found the missing evidence that completed the profile of our servicemen. The jigsaw was complete! To spontaneous applause in the research room, Carolyn registered another profile with a ring of the ‘Research Centre HQ Bell’. This was the Gateways’ and Portsmouth Museum’s First World War Researchathon that invited community groups, students and the general public to help complete the profiles of named individuals in the Portsmouth Museum’s and Archive’s collection. This article reflects upon some of the ideas that have been successful in attracting public engagement with the First World War and those events that have sometimes missed the mark.”

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