EXTENDED DEADLINE: Postgraduate Online Workshop Call for Papers: Treaty Port China in World History c.1842-1930

Thursday 22 – Friday 23 July 2021, 08.30 to 13.00 (BST/UTC+1) or 15.30 to 20.00 (UTC+8) both days 2021年7月22日(星期四)-723日(星期五),08.30-13.00(英国夏令时间/世界协调世界+1)或15.30-20.00(世界协调世界 + 8)两天都是如此

Victoria Harbour with Hong Kong Island in the background, c.1862. Unknown artist.

The University of Portsmouth’s ‘Port Towns and Urban Cultures’ group, in collaboration with its partners Lloyd’s Register Foundation Heritage and Education Centre, Dalian Maritime University and Hong Kong Baptist University, invites papers from postgraduate (Masters and PhD-level) students on the theme of cultural influences, transfer, hybridity and otherness in Treaty Port China. 朴茨茅斯大学的“港口城镇文化”小组与其合作伙伴劳埃德船级社基金会遗产和教育中心、大连海事大学和香港浸会大学合作,邀请研究生(硕士和博士学位 )就中国通商口岸的文化影响、转移、混合性等其他主题发表论文。 The Treaty Port system was imposed by European, and later Japanese, powers on Chinese port settlements from 1842 until the end of the Second World War. As bustling areas of trade and industry many Chinese treaty ports became hubs of international business, and social and cultural activity which forever transformed the experiences of their residents and workers. 从1842年到第二次世界大战结束,欧洲和后来的日本将通商口岸制度强加给中国的港口殖民地。作为繁华的贸易和工业地区,许多中国的通商口岸成为国际商业、社会和文化活动的中心,永远改变了其居民和工人以往的经历。 This conference aims to explore the emerging scholarship on many aspects of Chinese port life and work including but not limited to: 本次会议旨在探讨关于中国港口生活和工作的许多方面的新兴学术研究,包括但不限于:。
  • The conditions of the Chinese treaty ports – comparisons, similarities, differences
  • 中国通商口岸的条件-比较、相似性、差异
  • Networks and connections between Chinese treaty ports, internationally and nationally
  • 中国通商口岸在国际和国内的网络和联系
  • Influential businesses and companies – especially maritime trade and industry
  • 有影响力的企业和公司–特别是海上贸易和工业
  • Lives and experiences of migrant workers – including Chinese migrants to treaty ports, Compradors, and international sojourners and settlers
  • 移民工人的生活和经历–包括前往通商口岸的中国移民、买办(中介代理人)、以及国际旅居者和定居者。
  • Control and liberty in the ‘Informal Empire’
  • 在 “非正式帝国” 中的管制和自由
  • Communities and cultures in the treaty ports
  • 通商口岸的社区和文化
  • ‘Westernisation’ or ‘Occidentalism’
  • ‘西化’ 或 ‘西方主义 ’
The themes and discussions will foster the creation of a network to support the Lloyd’s Register Foundation-sponsored PhD at the University of Portsmouth, ‘Lloyd’s Register Surveyors in China, 1860-1918’, recruiting for an October 2021 start. 这些主题和讨论将促进网络的构建,以支持劳埃德船级社基金会赞助的朴茨茅斯大学的博士项目 ‘劳埃德船级社测量员在中国,1860-1918’,该项目将于2021年10月开始招募。 Participation: Attendance is free-of-charge but attendees must register in order to receive the event link. To ensure the event is accessible to participants in China and the UK we: 参与情况: 参会是免费的,但与会者必须注册才能收到活动链接。为了确保中国和英国的参会者能够参加这次活动,我们:
  • Have split the online event over two-half days to account for time differences in Asia and Europe
  • 考虑到亚洲和欧洲的时差,将在线活动分成两天半进行。
  • Are accepting papers presented in Mandarin and English languages
  • 接受以普通话和英语发表的论文
  • Are providing live translation in Mandarin and English
  • 提供普通话和英语的现场翻译
Papers presented should be a maximum of 20 minutes long. 提交的论文最长应在20分钟内完成。 Link to downloadable PDF: LR Workshop Call for Papers (2)劳埃德船级社研讨会论文征稿(1)(1) How to apply: 如何申请: Abstracts should be 300 words maximum and can be submitted in English and Mandarin. Please also additionally include the author(s) name, affiliation(s), corresponding email, and a short biography of a maximum 100 words. 摘要应不超过300字,可以用英语和普通话提交。此外,还请附上作者姓名、单位、对应的电子邮件以及不超过100字的简短传记。 All submissions should be emailed to Dr Melanie Bassett via ptuc@port.ac.uk no later than 14 June 2021, with “Treaty Port China in World History” in the subject line. Please indicate if you would prefer to deliver your presentation in English or Mandarin. 所有提交的材料应在2021年6月1日之前通过电子邮件ptuc@port.ac.uk发送给Melanie Bassett博士,并在主题栏中注明“世界历史上的中国通商口岸”。请注明您希望以英语或普通话发表演讲。 The organising committee will notify applicants by 21 June 2021 if they have been accepted to present. 组委会将在2021年6月15日之前通知申请人是否被接受做报告。 This event is sponsored by Lloyd’s Register Foundation 这次活动是由劳埃德船级社基金会赞助                  
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