Rescheduled Conference: Where Empires Collide: Dockyards and Naval Bases in and around the Indian Ocean

Seamen of the early nineteenth century Omani navy seen
during a visit to Portsmouth Dockyard

The Naval Dockyards Society have unveiled the programme for their rescheduled 2020 conference, taking place at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, on 31 October 2020, 11am-4pm.

This one-day conference will examine the role and scope of naval bases and naval support facilities in and around the Indian Ocean.

Were bases built to defend colonies, control colonies, or to attack the enemy? Were they to suppress local forces, engage companies threatening the British East India Company or as adjuncts to European struggles? How useful were they to their founding countries in the 17th–20th centuries? How has their heritage developed?

Philip MacDougall, ‘In Support of Napoleon’s Great Adventure – the navy of Tipu Sultan. Its design, construction and purpose.’
Karim Malak, ‘The Anglo-Egyptian Naval Encounter: A new history of Egypt and Britain.’
Patricia O’Sullivan, ‘Out of the Shadows – the Police Force of Hong Kong’s Royal Naval Dockyard.’
David Erickson, ‘The Contribution of Simon’s Town to Diplomatic & Naval Affairs, 1795–1957.’
Erik Odegard, ‘Dutch, French and British planners and Trincomalee naval dockyard.’
Richard Holme, ‘Trincomalee in the twentieth-century: The use of floating docks in the Indian Ocean.’
Robert Ivermee, ‘The Hooghly River and the limits of colonial power: European dockyards and naval bases in Bengal.’

Cost: £45.00 includes buffet lunch, teas and coffees.
Concessions £40.00 NDS members, retired, unwaged; £20.00 FT students.

Please book by 24 October 2020. Download the NDS Conference 2020 postponed booking form for more details.

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