Naval Dockyards Society – Eighteenth Annual Conference

untitledThe Naval Dockyards Society will be holding its eighteenth annual conference on Saturday 29 March 2014 at the Lecture Theatre, National Maritime Museum Greenwich from 11.00-4.45pm. The theme of conference is British Dockyards in the First World War. Commemorating this momentous centenary, the focus on Dreadnoughts and Rosyth is apt, as Dreadnought warships were crucial to the arms race leading to the First World War and Rosyth’s use was vital to its success. This programme will address both national policy and social history, with the unprecedented use of women in what hitherto had been exclusively men’s jobs.

The keynote speaker is Professor Eric Grove discussing “British Warship Building during the First World War: An Analytical and Comparative Survey”. Other papers include; Professor Ian Buxton, “Rosyth Dockyard and First World War Battleships,” 1925: Its conception, birth, growth and demise,” Dr Vaughan Michell, “Evolution of the Dreadnought Battleship based on Naval Construction during the First World War,” Dr Paul Brown, “Docking the Dreadnoughts: Dockyard Activity in the Dreadnought Era,” Dr Celia Clark,  “‘Drilling Hammock Hooks for Sailors’: Women working in Portsmouth Dockyard in the First World War,” and Peter Goodwin, “First World War Submarine Construction and Development.”

Further information can be found here or contact Peter Goodwin

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