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The English Literature section of the University of Portsmouth’s School of Areas Studies History Politics and Literature (SASHPL) are delighted to launch the ‘Portsmouth Literature Interactive Map’ You can explore notable locations from Portsmouth’s rich literary heritage and the vibrant contemporary writing scene of the city today; locate quotes from poetry, novels and plays in the cityscape; search biographical locations and details across the city; use the map for a walking tour or simply appreciate the depth of literary talent of the region.

Detail of the page of adventure novelist Percy F. Westerman

This map has been produced by English Literature staff to celebrate the extensive literary heritage and contemporary literary culture of the city. This is a city that has a strong sense of its own identity, one that is influenced by the constant movement of people on and off the city’s island and in and out of its port. Due to this vibrancy, through the map you will find that Portsmouth is rich with historical connections to writers such as Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Arthur Conan-Doyle, Rudyard Kipling, Nevil Shute and Olivia Manning. You will see that its complex geography and character has inspired the writing of authors such as Neil Gaiman, Michelle Magorian, Jonathan Meades, Matt Wingatt, Will Sutton and Graham Hurley. It highlights the city’s strong community of poets including Sam Cox, Maggie Sawkins, George Marsh and the university’s own Creative Writers, such as Alison Habens, Tom Sykes and Tessa Foley.

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