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On the 11th November Britain will be commemorating Remembrance Day. To mark the event Brad Beaven and Mel Bassett will be talking about their research project ‘Mapping Jutland casualties’ at a ‘Gateways to the First World War’ Conference at the University of Kent.

See the programme here:  11th-november-programme

This project investigates the impact of the Battle of Jutland on British society through identifying and mapping the communities of the sailors who lost their lives in the conflict. The project maps the 6,100 sailors killed in Jutland and assesses whether certain communities suffered disproportionately from others.  In collaboration with the National Museum of the Royal Navy, sailors lost in the battle have been electronically mapped to their next of kin’s addresses. This map, will uncover the streets, neighbourhoods and communities which were hardest hit.  Brad and Mel were helped in their research by the Portsdown University of the Third Age and Portsmouth History students, Eilis Phillips, Marcus Collins, George Dance, Liam Pietrasik and Jason Sackey who dedicated their spare time to the project. See the National Museum of the Royal Navy’s Jutland 1916 interactive map here:!PNMRN

Example of the NMRN's Interactive Map showing a portion of the south coast of England.

Example of the NMRN’s Interactive Map showing a portion of the south coast of England.

Watch this space for more projects on the First World War as the Gateways to the First Word War Centre has funded a number of crowd sourcing workshops.  In the New Year, there will be exciting opportunities to help create new historical resources by joining Brad Beaven, Mel Bassett, Karl Bell and Rob James on researching popular culture in Portsmouth during the War.

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