Explanatory Notes on the Map’s Data

Illustrated on the map are the geographical locations of the residences, and biographical details, of the 614 sailors and marines whose next of kin were resident in Portsmouth and Gosport in June 1916, who we have positively identified as having lost their lives at The Battle of Jutland. By the phrase ‘sailors and marines from Portsmouth and Gosport’ we mean men who were born in the two towns, or whose next of kin were resident in the two towns at the time of Jutland; as per the notification address entered in the UK Royal Navy and Royal Marine War Graves Roll, 1914 - 1919. There is every possibility that someone who should be entered has been ’missed’. If you know of anyone who you consider should be entered, have additional information on anyone below, or consider that any of the information below is incorrect, Portsdown U3A would appreciate you contacting them at jutlandu3a@gmail.com

The classification above, that Portsdown U3A consider identifies the men with the strongest links to the towns, is not meant to imply that the sad loss of these men were the only losses that had an impact on the towns. At Jutland six Portsmouth ships, and their 3300 plus crewmen, were lost. Many of them not listed below will have spent time in the towns; some as boarders, others on shore leave. The memorials that appeared in the local papers immediately after the Battle include some to sweethearts and friends, who do not appear below. It is anticipated that the Group will cover this aspect more fully in the proposed second phase to this project, in which the impact of these losses on the towns will be explored.

Of the 662 men lost at Jutland with a link to Portsmouth or Gosport 581 were from Portsmouth; 502 sailors, 70 marines, and 9 civilians. With respect to Portsmouth, 200 men were born in Portsmouth, and still resident in the town, 39 were born in Portsmouth but resident elsewhere, while 331 men were born elsewhere, but had taken up residence. 11 men had been born in Gosport, but were resident in Portsmouth by May 1916.

Of the 81 men from Gosport 54 were sailors, and 27 were marines. Of these 30 were native born, and still resident, while 9 natives were resident elsewhere. 37 men had been born elsewhere, while 5 had been born in Portsmouth, but were resident in Gosport.

Of the 662 men, 424 were married, 235 were single, and 3 widowers.