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The personal details of the sailors and marines with a Portsmouth or Gosport connection contained herein, and on the associated Roll of Honour, have been gleaned from, and verified by reference to, numerous official documents in the public domain. The identification of the personnel, and assembly, and verification of their details has, nevertheless, involved Portsdown U3A Jutland Research Group members in many hours of research. We therefore request that any future researcher referring to this map, or the associated Roll of Honour, acknowledge reference to said publication, and Portsdown U3A Jutland Research Group’s authorship. In addition, we would request that any person referring to this publication, or the associated map, inform Portsdown U3A Jutland Research Group, at jutlandu3a@gmail.com, when and where that reference has been made, and the reference’s authorship.

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Original, 1910, base map Crown Copyright and Landmark Information Group Limited (2016). All rights reserved 1910.

Neither the map nor the added data are to be reproduced in full or in part, in any format, without the prior permission of Portsdown U3A Jutland Research Group.