The Royal Dockyard Worker – Nationalism, Regionalism and British identity in early 20th century England

ICYMI – PTUC Research Associate, Melanie Bassett, contributed to History @ Portsmouth, the blog page of the University of Portsmouth’s history team. The site offers an exciting snapshot into the research interests of both staff and students, and showcases our various academic outputs and public history outreach.

Dr Bassett detailed her contribution to a new edited collection which explored the idea of ‘Britishness’ entitled Four Nations Approaches to Modern ‘British’ History. A (Dis)United Kingdom? edited by Maggie Skull and Naomi Lloyd-Jones. Her chapter highlighted the example of Royal Dockyard workers employed in Portsmouth during the late-19th and early-20th centuries. The case study explored how those who had moved from all over the Kingdom to work building the Royal Navy’s warships shaped their identity and a forged sense of belonging in the modern British state. Read the article here.

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