CfP: Social Dynamics in Atlantic Ports, XIVth-XXIst Centuries

VIth International Colloquium of the Governance of the Atlantic Ports (XIVth-XXIst Centuries)

Oostende, Belgium, 24-26 April 2019

Ports were the main nodes in the network that framed the Atlantic world since the XVIth century. They were the focus of commercial life, maritime activities and financial life. These activities created specific social dynamics which characterized port cities. In this conference we are going to deal with the broad topic of social relations and dynamics in the Atlantic port cities on both sides of the Atlantic, and both north and south.

The Governance of Atlantic port network was created as an initiative of Spanish, Portuguese and French specialists. It now includes also members from other European countries, South America and Northern Africa. So far the focus was mainly on the southern Atlantic, participation from historians dealing with the Northern Atlantic was limited. We would therefore encourage contributions from historians working on the Northern Atlantic to participate in the workshop and to join the network in order to create a real transatlantic port studies network.

Papers should address one of the related fields:

  • Social and professional groups (sailors, shipbuilders, dockworkers, shipowners, merchants, navy)
  • Social organization, networks, social mobilization
  • The role of women
  • Migration, diasporas
  • Social problems, poverty, inequality
  • Crime, conflict, violence, legal regulation and criminal persecution
  • Intervention and policies of public authorities related to these fields

Presentations will typically focus on one particular port, but studies on larger areas as well as comparative studies will be particularly welcome.

Author´s instructions

Proposals containing an abstract title and an abstract (both in English) of max. 500 words should be submitted via the conference web-form: Before September 30th 2018. You will be informed on the acceptance of your abstract per mail no later than October 30th 2018. Presentations may be in any of the four official conference languages (English, French, Portuguese, Spanish).

Scientific Committee:

Hilde Greefs, University of Antwerp

Michael Limberger, Ghent University

Sylviane Llinares, University of Bretagne-Sud

Amélia Polonia, University of Porto

Ofelia Rey Castelao, University of Santiago de Compostela

Ana Maria Rivera Medina, UNED Madrid

Miguel Suárez Bosa, University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the organizers:

Michael Limberger:

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