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Portsmouth Point by Thomas Rowlandson, 1811

The PTUC team at the University of Portsmouth welcome contributions to the new Port Towns and Urban Cultures website. We are seeking to expand knowledge and partnerships about life in port towns and cities in Britain and across the globe. The website provides a great opportunity for researchers to contribute to this growing discourse and also raise awareness of your research.

We welcome submissions on subjects such as (but not limited to):

 – Sailors ashore (navy, merchant and fishing fleets)

– Maritime families and personalities

– Heritage and urban regeneration

– Dockyard workers

– Port town identities

– Social structures and urban elites

– Youth movements

– Popular culture and recreation

– Port town life and work

– Gender issues in port towns

– Popular representations and imagined  communities

–  Crime and disorder

– Port agencies and institutions

Articles should be c.500 words in length (excluding references and titles) and include an image with copyright permission. For more information of guidelines for submission please see:



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