BAME Seafarers in the First World War


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Black Cultural Archives,

British Council, “Remember the World as Well as the War” (2014) – features links to the British Council Report of the same name, plus external resources.

British Library, “Asians in Britain.” – Learning Resource highlighting the context of Asian migration to Britain, and the influence of Asians to British life. Special focus is on the British Library collection.

British Library, “India in Britain Timeline.”

Crew List Index Project (CLIP)

Commonwealth War Graves Commission, – search of those commemorated on CWGC monuments. There is also a section on ‘Forces’ featuring information on the Indian Army

Fjordr, Blog: “The World’s War on the East Coast.”

Heritage England, Heritage Calling Blog, “Forgotten Seafarers of the First World War.” – A blog inspired by our BAME Seafarers in the First World War workshop and web content.

Imperial War Museum, “Lives of the First World War” – an interactive database to find archives related to, and add stories of, those who served during the First World War. In particular there is a group for Singapore Merchant Sailors

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John Siblon, “Exploring black people’s involvement in the First World War’: Free workshop reviewed,” IWM Research Blog, 2016.

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Maritime History Archive, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada – holds many British mercantile records for the period.

Merseyside Maritime Museum, “Black Salt: Britain’s Black Sailors” – link to their exhibition (on display until late 2018)

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Port Horizon Project, Southampton, – includes fact sheets about different BAME seafarers including Bangladeshi, Caribbean, Chinese, Greek, India, Pakistani, Polish and Somalian merchant navy seamen.

Southampton City Archives – holds the Central Index of Merchant Seamen. See here for more information on the collection.

The Open University, “Beyond the Frame: Indian British Connections.” – details of an AHRC-funded project (2007-2010) which investigated the influence and impact of South Asians on British life. The project was in partnership with the British Library (see links above).

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