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Lorna M. Campbell

lornaAlong with her research colleague Heather Noel-Smith, Lorna is currently undertaking an independent naval history research project on the 1797 crew of HMS Indefatigable, which will be published by Boydell and Brewer in 2015. Lorna has an academic background in Archaeology and currently works as the Assistant Director of the Centre for Educational Technology, Interoperability and Standards (Cetis). She blogs regularly on a wide range of topics relating to open education, technology and history Born and brought up in the Outer Hebrides, Lorna has lived in Glasgow for many years. See Lorna’s posts on this website. Follow Lorna @LornaMCampbell

Richard Blakemore


Richard is an Associate Research Fellow on the project ‘Sailing into Modernity: Comparative Perspectives on the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century European Economic Transition’, based at the University of Exeter. Before joining the project in 2012, he completed a PhD thesis at the University of Cambridge, studying London seafarers during the British civil wars of the 1640s. His current work examines the social, legal, and economic status of English seafarers from the late sixteenth to the early eighteenth centuries, reflecting his broader research interests in early modern European and global history. More details can be found at his page and his wordpress blog. See Richard’s posts on this website. Follow Richard @historywomble

Rhys Phillips

Rhys PhillipsRhys Phillips is a postgraduate student at the University of Portsmouth, studying part time MA History of War, Culture and Society. His research interests primarily include British Imperial History within a maritime context, and the social history of the Georgian Royal Navy during the 1792-1815 French Wars. His MA dissertation will focus upon port town invasion fears during the Napoleonic wars, and the defensive responses by the British Government. Upon completion of his MA, Rhys hopes to transfer to PhD study on a yet-to-be defined topic relating to his interests on port town invasion fears.  See Rhys’ posts on this website. Follow Rhys @RhysPOspreys

Gillian Mawson

gill_mawsonGillian Mawson, a postgraduate of the University of Manchester, is a freelance historian with a strong interest in oral history. Her current focus is on interviewing Second World War evacuees and she runs a community group to empower evacuees living in northern England to share their memories with each other and with the public. She has worked with the BBC on Second World War documentaries and work with museums and schools to develop educational materials, including documentary films. Her first book Guernsey Evacuees: The Forgotten Evacuees of the Second World War (History Press, 2012) describes the evacuation of 17,000 civilians from Guernsey to England prior to the German occupation of the Channel Islands. Her latest book, Britain’s Wartime Evacuees (Frontline Books, November 2016) is a result of interviews with 500 evacuees from the UK mainland, Gibraltar and the Channel Islands. See Gillian’s posts on this website. Follow Gillian @Guernseyevacuee

Michael Stevens

Michael StevensMichael J. Stevens is a Lecturer in History at the University of Otago in southern New Zealand. His specialty areas include Maori and maritime history and these have been brought together in a three-year study of the port town of Bluff, from which he hails. This builds on his doctoral dissertation that focused on the seasonal harvesting of juvenile sooty shearwaters by southern Maori families, including his own, from islands south of Bluff.  See Michael’s posts on this website

Carolyn T.Hughes

Carolyn HughesCarolyn Hughes is a novelist and her work has appeared in The New York Times Book Review, The Los Angeles Times Book Review, The Washington Post, The South China Morning Post and The Village Voice. She has an MA in English from St. Louis University and is currently getting an MA in the History of War Culture and Society at the University of Portsmouth. You can follow her on Twitter @hughesnews333 See Carolyn’s posts on this website. Follow Carolyn @Hughesnews333

Laika Nevalainen

L NevalainenLaika Nevalainen is a PhD researcher at the Department of History at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. Her PhD research examines the homes and everyday lives of Finnish bachelors at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century. A part of this research explores the life of Finnish sailors both on board ships as well as ashore in sailor’s homes, and attention is paid especially to the sailors’ relationship with home as well as the links between masculinity, sailor identity and the defining of sailor profession as a bachelor profession. See Laika’s posts on this website. Follow Laika @PursuitofHome

Matthew Neufeld

Matthew Neufeld Matthew Neufeld is Assistant Professor of History at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. His current research project concerns the transformation of naval healthcare in England and its imperium, 1650-1750. Matthew is especially interested in the ways the Royal Navy’s changing approach to healthcare affected the social and economic life of coastal communities. See Matthew’s posts on this website

Paul Huddie

p_huddiePaul Huddie read history at University College Dublin and Queen’s University Belfast between 2005 and 2013. He was the recipient of a four-year research studentship 2009-13 and successfully defended his doctoral dissertation in 2014. He is a committee member of the Irish Association for Professional Historians and the Women’s History Association of Ireland. His research principally focusses on British and Irish societies’ relationships with war and the military, principally in the areas of recruitment, memorialisation and military charities. His first monograph The Crimean War and Irish Society features as part of Liverpool University Press’s Reappraisals in Irish History series. See Paul’s posts on this website. Follow Paul @PaulHuddie 

Michael Reeve

Michael ReeveA Hullensian by birth, raised in close proximity to King George Dock, Michael gained a BA in English and History in 2014 from Leeds Beckett University and an MA in Social and Cultural History in 2015 from the University of Leeds. He is a doctoral candidate in History, based at the Maritime Historical Studies Centre, University of Hull, with secondary supervision from the School of Cultural Studies at Leeds Beckett. Michael’s project is funded by the AHRC Heritage Consortium and focuses on maritime place identity in the North East coast region of England during the First World War. He is also Campaigns Coordinator for the Hull branch of the Civic Voice war memorials.  See Michael’s posts on this website. Follow Michael @mjohnreeve

John Bolt

John BoJohn-thumbnaillt is an American and native New Englander.  Growing up in the Greater Boston area, “The Cradle of Revolution”, his early and life-long passion for history was kindled by the stories behind local historical sites linked to the formative history of the United States and the American War of Independence. John completed his undergraduate degree in History at the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, Virginia, before active service as an infantry and intelligence officer in the United States Marine Corps. Having recently moved to Portsmouth with his family, John recently completed his MA in History from the University of Portsmouth in 2015. Today, John works part-time a Marketing Coordinator for Portsmouth Cathedral, and also volunteers as a Guide with Friends of the Royal Garrison Church who keep the site open for English Heritage.  John also volunteers as an archivist with the Royal Marines Museum of the National Museum of the Royal Navy.  You can contact John here. Follow John @Pompey_Bolt

Julie Gilbert

Julie j_gilbertGilbert is a PhD student in History at University of Portsmouth studying aspects of England’s regional cultures with regards to the New Poor Law. Her interests are broad, but generally focus on social history and the treatment of the lower classes. Julie is also extremely interested in the history of the Monarchies of Great Britain and France. Julie has an MA in Ancient and Classic History, a BS in English Literature, and a CPhT. She has previously taught pharmacy classes in the USA, and hopes to become a professor in the states upon completion of her doctorate. Follow Julie @julesmarie93


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