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The Coastal History Blog 3: “What Makes Coastal History Distinct?” (part 2 of 2)

In my last posting, I stated that coastal history already has some characteristic themes, concerns, and subject matter, and promised to offer examples.  This may seem an odd claim for a subfield that is so new. The overall thesis behind this blog, though, is that plenty of people are doing coastal history already and don’t […]

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The Coastal History Blog 2: “What Makes Coastal History Distinct?” (part 1 of 2)

  I’ve been asked for my thoughts on this one: Is coastal history an offshoot of maritime approaches, or a distinct approach in its own right?  I’m a little reluctant to answer.  It’s early days yet for coastal history, so I’m not sure we know whether it passes muster as “a distinct approach.”  A popular […]

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Coastal Approaches to Sailors and Sailortowns

Historiographical debates surrounding sailors and sailortowns, has often focussed heavily on Atlantic contexts and seldom have they been considered beyond this, with sailors and sailortowns often viewed as ‘separate’ to land.[1] However, new research has highlighted the extent to which sailors and sailortowns were as much a part of urban settings as they were maritime […]

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